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About Us

Top Quality Car Wash and Detailing Services New Jersey
Doing things the right way
We set the bar high for the service we provide.

But we also aim to do our part in serving the greater good:


  • Refugee Labor. We have partnered with the International Rescue Committee by offering a place of employment–an important part of their efforts to resettle refugees and set them up to succeed and thrive.
  • Water Saving. We place a high value on water and our WaterSavers membership means that we meet high standards of water efficiency, conservation and recycling.
  • Environmental Friendliness. In addition to saving water, our reclamation systems prevent runoff into our rivers and streams. Washing your car at home not only uses an average of 70 gallons more water per car, but any soaps, waxes or chemicals you use are likely to end up as pollutants downstream. See the University of Texas study which showed the potential harms from washing a car at home.
Wash Hounds Car Wash New Jersey